ORGANIZERS : Institute of Experimental Physics, GDAŃSK UNIERSITY / Institute of Physics,Polish Academy of Science/Polish Physical Society,Branch in Gdańsk/The Foundation for the Development of Gdańsk University

Gdańsk UniversityInstitute of Physics, Polish Academy of Science

 Joint conference Phosphor Safari   and
 The SIXTH International Workshop
    on Advanced Spectroscopy
 and Optical Materials

             The conference will be held 9-14.07.2017, Gdańsk, POLAND


"The Phosphor Safari" was established by Prof. Kenji Toda, Prof. Hajime Yamamoto and Prof. Yoon Dae-Ho in 2009 to promote the development of industry, science and technology related to the phosphor field. We are independent organization concerned with phosphors in the world that brings together the industrial and academic sectors. "The Phosphor Safari" takes place annually in the world. We would also invite several prominent guest speakers of the relevant fields as plenary lectures. The aim of "The Phosphor Safari" is Hot interactive discussion and friendship between young and leading scientists. "Safari" is African language and means "an overland journey". We are accompanied travelers in the "phosphor research field" as a flat sabanna. Everybody is equal in the flat research field of "The Phosphor Safari".

The IWASOM Conference is organized every few years at the Gdańsk University, and has already gained a good reputation among the scientific community. The Workshop will provide an international meeting for exchange information on advanced spectral methods, physics of novel optical materials like semiconductors, dielectrics and nanomaterials, and optical devices. Scientific program will consist of tutorial-key lectures ( 45 min ), invited lectures (30 min), oral (15 min) and poster presentations.  The conference language will be English