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Gdańsk UniversityInstitute of Physics, Polish Academy of Science

 Joint conference Phosphor Safari   and
 The SIXTH International Workshop
    on Advanced Spectroscopy
 and Optical Materials

             The conference will be held 9-14.07.2017, Gdańsk, POLAND



Invited Speakers

Luisa E. Bausa (Spain) "Effect of disordered plasmonic networks on the anisotropic luminescence enhancement of Yb3+ doped RbTiOPO4 crystal"

Georges Boulon (France) "Pr3+-doped 20Al(PO3)3-80LiF glass as potential scintillator for neutron detection"

Michael Brik (Estonia) "First-principles calculations as a powerful tool for the analysis of properties of optical materials"

John Capobianco (Canda) "Upconversion Nanoparticles: Drug Delivery"

Geneviève Chadeyron (France) "Development of rare-earth-free phosphors and their shaping for LED-based lighting devices"

Teng-Ming Chen (Taiwan) "Research Progress and Development in Rare Earth-Activated Thiosilicate and Halothiosilicate Phosphors"

Anna Ciechan (Poland) "Transition metal ions in ZnO: effects of intra-shell Coulomb repulsion on electronic properties"

Przemysław Dereń (Poland) "Resizing of nanocrystals and playing with dopant concentration - two ways to affect the optical properties of a host"

Miroslav Dramicanin (Serbia) "Multifunction applications of lanthanide doped ultra-small vanadate and phosphate nanoparticles"

Christophe Dujardin (France) "Unbiased determination of single quantum dot blinking power-law exponents using the autocorrelation function"

Marek Godlewski (Poland) "Rare earth doped ZrO2 nanoparticles as fluorescent markers for application in medicine"

Wiesław Gruszecki (Poland) "Localization, orientation and molecular organization of fluorescing molecules in a single lipid bilayer"

Małogorzata Guzik (Poland) "Towards efficient optical transparent ceramics based on rare earth ions-doped cubic tungstate/molybdate matrices"

Miki Hasegawa (Japan) "Luminescence and nature of electrons of a series of helicate lanthanide complexes"

Hubertus T. Hintzen (Netherlands) "The influence of the M/Si ratio on the luminescence properties of Eu2+-doped M-Si-N phosphors (M = M1+, M2+, M3+)"

Duk Young Jeon (Korea) "Development of Highly Luminescent and Stable Quantum Rods having Electric field-dependent Photoluminescence"

Agata Kamińska (Poland) "Peculiarities of electronic and optical properties of n-type doped GaN/AlN multiquantum wells: experimental and theoretical analysis"

Shunsuke Kurosawa (Japan) "Comprehensive Study of Pyrochlore Phosphors doped with Rare Earths - Optical properties, Temperature dependence"

Gilles Ledoux (France) "Harvesting light through upconversion for photocatalysis applications"

Stefan Lis (Poland) "Luminescent nanomaterials based on rare earth ions: from effective inorganic nanoluminophores to multifunctionalized hybrids and applications"

Ru-Shi Liu (Taiwan) "Narrow Band Phosphors for the Application in Light-emitting Diodes"

Chong-Geng Ma (China) "Recent development on the crystal-field engineering of phosphor materials"

Andries Meijerink (Netherlands) "Upconversion Nanoparticles: Fundamentals and Applications"

Martin Nikl (Czech Republic) "Variable charge state of fast emitting rare earth dopants: An optimization tool in wide band-gap scintillators"

Renata Reisfeld (Israel) "Luminescence in glasses as a possible solution to solar energy utilization"

Luis Seijo (Spain) "Control of Pr3+ luminescence: Ab initio insight into how electron transfer selects greenish-blue and red emissions"

Jian-Xin Shi (China) "Luminescence Properties and Energy Transfer of YGa1.5Al1.5(BO3)4: Tb3+, Eu3+ as a Multi-colour Emitting Phosphor for WLEDs"

Wiesław Stręk (Poland) "Laser stimulated enhancement of tungsten filament incandescence"

Andrzej Suchocki (Poland) "High pressure luminescence and Raman investigation whitlockite crystals doped with rare-earth ions"

Setsuhisa Tanabe (Japan) "Deep red persistent phosphors of Mn2+ doped germanate pyroxene with lanthanide sensitizer"

Kenji Toda (Japan) "Beyond the Kinetics and Thermodynamics: Magic Synthesis Methods for the Phosphor Materials"

Jing Wang (China) "Micro/Nano- Luminescent Materials Activated by Transitional Metal ions with 3d3 configuration for potential applications in display and bioimaging"

Jon-Paul Renee Wells (New Zealand) "Spectroscopy and Modelling of the Electronic Structure of Lanthanide Ions in Y2SiO5"

Claudia Wickleder (Germany) "Less Material-More Energy – Novel Nano Phosphors"

Mingmei Wu (China) "Rational Design and Preparation of Down- and Up-conversion Phosphors to Enhanced Red Emissions"

Akira Yoshikawa (Japan)

Yuriy Zorenko (Poland) "Scintillators and phosphors based on the single crystalline films of oxide compounds: recent progress, new materials and new applications"

Eugeniusz Zych (Poland) "Surprising differences of charge carriers trapping in Lu2O3:Tb- and Lu2O3:Pr-based phosphors"