ORGANIZERS : Institute of Experimental Physics, GDAŃSK UNIERSITY / Institute of Physics,Polish Academy of Science/Polish Physical Society,Branch in Gdańsk/The Foundation for the Development of Gdańsk University

Gdańsk UniversityInstitute of Physics, Polish Academy of Science

 Joint conference Phosphor Safari   and
 The SIXTH International Workshop
    on Advanced Spectroscopy
 and Optical Materials

             The conference will be held 9-14.07.2017, Gdańsk, POLAND


IWASOM Topics:
  • Nanoscale optical materials
  • Thin films and low-dimensional systems.
  • Materials for  quantum information processing.
  • Scintillators, lasers and phosphors: recent progress, new materials and new applications.
  • Progress in phosphors for luminescence lamps.
  • Transition metals and rare earths  spectroscopy.
  • Hybrid and organic optical materials.
  • Experimental methods for characterizing rare earth activated materials.
  • Novel fluorophores, optical materials and devices for biosensing, biomedical and environmental applications.
  • Theory and modeling.