Reduced fee and free accommodation for students

For graduate and PhD students attending the IWASOM conference we offer special discounts on the conference fee and complimentary accommodation in student housing near the University of Gdansk campus.


Tutorial Lectures

The conference includes a special program of tutorial lectures given by distinguished scholars covering advanced topics in spectroscopy and materials science.


Poster Exhibition

Since the venue for poster sessions is conveniently located right next to the lecture halls, we are planning to upgrade our poster sessions into poster exhibition. We invite all participants to hang the posters right at the beginning of the conference and leave them until the end. This way, the exhibited posters can disseminate the scientific findings, promote the research groups, and stimulate the discussions during coffee breaks.


Off-Site session

The traditional conference bonfire will be preceded by an offsite, outdoor session in a seaside location.


Electronics-free Zone and Wi-Fi Zone

In order to keep the audience focused during oral presentations, we kindly request that electronic devices not be used within the lecture halls. However, we understand that some participants may require access to laptops or phones, so we will establish a designated Wi-Fi zone right next to the lecture halls.