For any question relating to abstracts please contact the IWASOM Secretary.

Instructions to prepare your abstract:

Before you start, please read the following preparation guidelines CAREFULLY.

  • Please download the sample abstract HERE.
  • The formatted abstract of your paper should be prepared similar to the one shown in the EXAMPLE COPY. Abstract must be prepared in 12 pt font (Cambria). Please click on the EXAMPLE COPY, download it on your computer and prepare your abstract prior to submission.
  • Electronic form (MS OfficeWord) of the abstract you will be required to upload during the submission process.
  • Make sure that the name, the complete/full mailing address and the email address of the presenting author are correct and included in the abstract. Underline the presenting author.
  • When an abstract is accepted, only the presenting author will be notified via email. Please also include other co-authors email addresses in the abstract.